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Staying Home and 

Staying Healthy

Colorful Spiral in Rochester, NY | HCR Home Care


The Diverse Care Project (DCP) is a grant funded initiative of HCR Cares, a nonprofit organization with the mission to address barriers to independent living through research, education and programs. To carry out this work, HCR Cares is partnering with Strategic Community Intervention, HCR Home Care and Rochester-area Black religious leaders, who, through their churches, can educate senior congregates to overcome barriers to using home health care services when needed to improve health outcomes. 

Funding Sources

Funding for the Diverse Care Project was provided through grants to HCR Cares from: 

  • Greater Rochester Health Foundation, whose mission is to pursue and invest in solutions that build a healthier region where all people can thrive. 

  • The Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation, which is committed to supporting energetic organizations who are working to turn our community into a beacon of opportunity, connection, and joy. 

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We look forward to working together to forge a strong partnership. Call our Diverse Care Team at 585-785-6040.

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