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Insurance & Billing

Home care services and supplies required by home health care plans or otherwise ordered by your physician are often covered by most major health insurers. HCR accepts a wide variety of insurances and partners with nearly 600 physicians and surgeons, as well as several residential geriatric home care facilities.

Home health care may be covered through a variety of sources including Medicare, Medicaid, HMO’s (Health Maintenance Organizations), and Veteran’s Administration.

Home health care can also be paid on a private basis by patients and families. HCR provides each patient with the associated cost of care before commencing with service. HCR accepts most major credit cards.

Home care benefits and eligibility requirements vary greatly from plan to plan. Contact HCR and we'll help you determine the specific coverage provisions of your plan.

Pay Your Bill Online

HCR is happy to now offer online payments!  Click on the link below for our e-commerce site, where you can safely and securely pay your HCR bill.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact our Billing Department at 800-270-4904 or submit a comment here.

Customer Corner

"[HCR's] Hispanic Team Coordinators have been wonderful and very caring; however, there is one that has stood out. Mark Cuevas is an exceptional employee. There are so many qualities about him that are outstanding. His communication skills are excellent. He is prompt, courteous, and patient. My calls are always answered without delay and he makes sure to touch base with us to assure that the family is comfortable with the coordinating schedules…I am so impressed with Mark’s extraordinary professionalism and sensitivity. "

~ Maria D.S.