New York State's Home Care Solution

HCR’s Cardiac Disease Management Program focuses on managing patients with heart failure and intensive cardiac needs. Our team employs multidisciplinary approach, consisting of nurses with cardiology and pulmonary expertise (including a nurse practitioner); physical and occupational therapists; and registered dietitians. Our team will develop a personalized plan of care that maximizes your wellness and recovery within the comfort of your own home.

Our customized program provides the education, guidance, and technology to effectively manage cardiac health by:

  • Recognizing the signs of heart failure
  • Managing your diet and fluid restrictions
  • Using oxygen and achieving better breathing through comfort measures
  • Creating strategies to manage stress
  • Using your medications properly
  • Suggesting an appropriate exercise regimen
  • Achieving greater self-care and independence

The program employs a multidisciplinary team that includes nurses with cardiology and pulmonary experience, physical and occupational therapists.

Registered Dietitians will teach self-management of cardiac disease and foster lifestyle and behavior change to enhance your quality of life. Each of clinical team members will work with you and your physician to keep you on the road to cardiac health recovery.

HCR offers state-of-the-art technology to monitor your health with Telehealth Monitoring. Home Telehealth Monitoring allows you to check your weight, temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen on a regular basis.

Customer Corner

"I recently had an illness and had to be in the hospital for approximately 3 1/2 weeks. I had nurses from your organization come to my home to get me back on my feet. I had lost a lot of my muscle mass and stamina during my stay at hospital, plus had some medical needs. Your nurses from the North Country region are excellent! Every single one of them was great! You can take pride that you have employees like this representing your organization. Please convey my deep gratitude and appreciation for the nurses in my time of need. I think this is a great service! Thanks so much."

~ Michael N.