New York State's Home Care Solution

As a stroke survivor, your unique needs are best treated by professionals with advanced knowledge and understanding of stroke recovery. Living with a stroke often requires planning and teamwork.  HCR's team is highly skilled and trained in stroke recovery and treatment techniques.  We can provide the education you and your family need to reduce the likelihood of another stroke.

HCR’s Stroke Program (led by therapists certified in Neurodevelopmental Technique or NDT) consists of a specialized Stroke Team whose members have all completed the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Stroke Assessment Scale training.  You will receive the best available care through our specialized stroke program; our well-coordinated, interdisciplinary team will provide a prompt response for a safe transition back to home.

Our Team Consists of:

  • Occupational Therapy: To maximize skills necessary to complete daily living activities such as bathing and dressing by addressing strength, coordination, balance, vision, and thinking abilities
  • Physical Therapy: To help create independence with safe mobility through balance training, strengthening, movements re-education, and equipment management
  • Speech Therapy: To provide treatment and education for communication and swallowing difficulties
  • Community Health Nursing: To assess your medical condition, recognize complications related to stroke recovery, and provide oversight of your medications
  • Medical Social Work: To assist with long-term, community resource planning, and offer you and your caregiver the emotional support necessary to make a smooth transition home
  • Home Health Aides: To assist you with activities of daily living and ease the physical burden of your caregiver

To effectively manage your condition and prevent additional strokes, a customized program is created for your individual needs. HCR closely monitors patients to identify problems or changes before they lead to complications.

Our goal is to maximize independence, while providing the primary caregiver necessary support and resources.

Customer Corner

"[HCR's] Hispanic Team Coordinators have been wonderful and very caring; however, there is one that has stood out. Mark Cuevas is an exceptional employee. There are so many qualities about him that are outstanding. His communication skills are excellent. He is prompt, courteous, and patient. My calls are always answered without delay and he makes sure to touch base with us to assure that the family is comfortable with the coordinating schedules…I am so impressed with Mark’s extraordinary professionalism and sensitivity. "

~ Maria D.S.