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Falls are NOT a normal part of aging!

One-third of all people over the age of 65 and half of all seniors over the age of 80 fall every year, resulting in serious and debilitating injuries. The HCR Falls Prevention/Intervention Program can dramatically reduce your risk of falling and subsequent injury.

Led by APTA Board Certified Geriatric Certified Specialists, HCR’s multidisciplinary team assesses a patient’s falls risk using validated, evidence-based assessment tools. After a comprehensive examination, HCR's mutlidisciplinary team works with the patient's physician to reduce a patient's unique potential to fall by developing a personalized plan to reduce risks and to improve balance and strengthen mobility.

If you are referred to HCR because of a recent fall, our clinical team will assist your physician in determining the cause of the fall. HCR then will recommend safety equipment and environmental modifications to reduce your risk of falls, so you can remain safely at home.

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