New York State's Home Care Solution

Whether you are recovering from surgery with a serious wound, learning how to manage a chronic wound, or learning how to living with your ostomy, HCR is here for you.

HCR’s Wound and Ostomy Team provides post-surgical and chronic wound care under the supervision of Certified Wound, Ostomy, Continence Nurses (CWOCN). These highly trained nurses (WOCN) have achieved national certification in wound, ostomy, and incontinence care. Our goal is to prevent complications while promoting recovery and independence.

HCR offers the education, guidance, and technology to effectively manage wounds by doing the following:

  • Teaching and promoting healing and care for wounds and ostomies
  • Advising on the best techniques and products to use
  • Teaching how to prevent further wounds or complications
  • Using digital photography to document wound progression and more effectively communicate with your physician
  • Consulting on appropriateness of patients for alternative wound therapies (such as vacuum-assisted wound care, sharp debridement, and hyperbaric therapy)
  • Identifying ideal Stoma placement and pre-surgical marking

HCR uses a secure, HIPAA compliant system to acquire wound photos through our tablet devices and attach them to our clinical record, making these images available to all authorized HCR staff in the field and office.

The real time synchronization and organization of these images allows HCR to access centrally located specialists for review and consultation. With our HCHB technology, our nurses can photograph a wound with sufficient clarity for evaluation and share it with your phyisican (with patient consent) for reporting improvement or consulting about progress and plans of care.

A customized program will be created by HCR’s certified Wound and Ostomy Team, who specialize in treatment of conditions such as:

  • All types of ostomies
  • Burns
  • Lower extremity ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Surgical incisions or wounds
  • Skin breakdown related to an injury or fall
  • Cellulitis