New York State's Home Care Solution

HCR Home Care has developed a Telehealth Program to enhance the care provided by HCR clinicians, improving quality care and independence. HCR has been using telehealth monitoring equipment since 2007 to assist our clinicians in preventing unnesessary rehospitalizations.

With Telemonitoring, we strive to do the following:
  • Decrease avoidable hospitalizations and Emergency Room visits,
  • Improve patient outcomes such as medication management,
  • Improve self-care management,
  • Increase early identification of disease exacerbation,
  • Decrease visit utilization thus decreasing the cost of care, and
  • Improve patient satisfaction.

Home Telemonitoring gives our patients the ability to monitor status changes daily (or more often, if needed) and assist patients in learning self-care management of their disease. It can be used on any patient who may benefit from daily monitoring, however has been largely used on patients with heart failure.

Telemonitors collect data such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, weight, and blood glucose. It also asks patients health or disease related questions and can provide evidence-based teaching to the patient. After the patient uses the monitor, the patient information is transmitted to a secure website. HCR uses a centralized monitoring system whereby the results are monitored by an in-office registered nurse (RN) seven days per week.

Our monitors work via cell phone or a land line telephone. The monitors can be programmed in English, Spanish, or over five other languages. HCR will work with your physician to establish specific monitoring parameters for vital signs, weight, oxygen saturation, or blood glucose levels. Telehealth reports with patient specific data can be faxed to the physician regularly and/or based on the physician’s preference. With your physician’s guidance, we will establish interventions to address urgent issues.

When should you consider using Telehealth Monitoring?
  • Adjustment in Medications
  • Uncontrolled Hypertenstion or Hypotension
  • Diabetes – Newly diagnosed or unable to self manage
  • COPD
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Any health condition requiring regular monitoring

Customer Corner

"You guys got me back on my feet. I haven't had to go to the doctor's once HCR started coming here. The aides I had were wonderful. They're very helpful and you don't have to tell them what to do. They come, they see, they do."

~ Andrea P.