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What is a Geriatric Care Manager

Lynn Maxim, LMSW, Geriatric Care Manager

Defined simply, a Geriatric Care Manager is an individual who helps seniors and their families navigate the various systems and resources applicable to the aging. A Geriatric Care Manager acts as an advocate and liaison. They can educate you about Medicaid, Medicare, and other insurance coverage including Veterans’ benefits.

When a change of residence is necessary, a care manager can make recommendations about the appropriate level of housing, such as independent, assisted living, or nursing home. A care manager begins working with a family by completing a thorough assessment of the elder in their home environment. This includes a financial, legal, physical, and psychological evaluation.

Geriatric Care Managers often make referrals to other professionals, including elder law attorneys, in order to help protect the assets of the elderly individual so that care can be maintained for the rest of their lives. Geriatric Care Managers can also serve as a liasion for family members who live far from their parents or loved. They can help you better understand your loved one's personal and medical needs.

Today's seniors may transitions through many phases of health that require a variety of different services. Whether your family member has one or several physicians, a geriatric care manager can help communicate with them, managing appointments and care.
posted on April 3, 2012