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A Single Voice Speaking on Behalf of Many

Based on a Letter to the Editor

Here at HCR Home Care, we take great pride in our field clinicians and staff. They truly are at the forefront, traveling countless miles to work in the trenches of patient care. Not only are we proud of our employees, we’re lucky. We’re lucky to have staff members who go above and beyond to serve their patients, striving to keep them healthy and happy at home. This dedication to patient care can be seen in a recent Letter to the Editor published in an Oswego County newspaper. One of our Central New York case managers, Cheryl Jewell, RN, BSN, was prompted to reach out to the publication after witnessing a situation that, she believes, occurs too often to those most in need of care.

In her 16 years as a cardiac nurse, Cheryl has worked with many people and has seen many things. All too often, though, she sees a common sight – bystanders and onlookers. This was the unfortunate case involving a patient in recent need of emergency care. Cheryl arrived at her patient’s home to find that he needed ambulance transport to the hospital. The young, ill patient was helped into the ambulance amidst an audience of gathered onlookers. Cheryl’s letter acknowledges our human nature to stare, but urges us to find it in ourselves to rise above this and, instead, reach out to those in need:

What I found interesting is the number of people that lined up on the sidewalk, or stuck their heads out the window to watch the excitement of a sick person being put into an ambulance. I know it is human nature to stare at the misfortune of others; we all do it through the media, while driving down the road, etc. However, wouldn't it be so much nicer if it were human nature to offer your assistance to a person in need that lives in your neighborhood? I'm not asking anyone to give all they have to another. What I would like is for everyone to say to an elderly or sick neighbor is, "Hey, I'm going to the grocery store, do you need anything? " or, "I made too much for dinner, would you like a plate?" How about just knocking on the door and saying, "I haven't seen you in a while, are you ok?" It does not cost money, or a whole lot of time to look out for each other. It is extremely rewarding to know you helped someone in a small way, it will teach your children to help others, and it just might make the difference of someone dying alone in their home or getting the help they need.

HCR is proud to have Cheryl, and many like her, representing our company and the values we uphold regarding patient care. Her letter challenges us to stop and reflect for a moment. It nudges us to think what it must be like for those in need, and ushers in the realization that we, too, will be there one day. And, when that day comes, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone offering their hand and heart, instead of wide eyes and a rubber neck?
posted on September 4, 2014