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Parkinson's Disease and Home Care

Amy Newton, OTR/L

Home care and Parkinson Disease are not a combination that people often place together.  Our unique interdisciplinary team assists those in varying stages of parkinson disease obtain therapy, social work and nursing care in order to remain independent in their home.

Several months ago, our team helped a patient in the community with parkinson disease who had fallen, broken her wrist and was relying on family to assist her daily whereas prior to her fall she was independent in her home. Physical therapy provided her with an exercise program, educated her on use of walker which she did not use before and educated her on ways to prevent freezing which may have caused her fall.

Occupational therapy assisted with making suggestions for safety in the home, cooking and getting dressed. She was also given exercises to strengthen her wrist. The nurse educated the patient on her parkinson medications, instructed on side effects and how to take the medications to ensure that her symptoms were under control. A social worker assisted the patient and family with community resource.

When she graduated from requiring home care services the patient then attended an exercise class in the community that was taught by one of her therapists as well as attending a support group provided by the homecare company. If you or someone in your family have parkinson disease, consider getting a referral from your doctor for homecare in order to live life to the fullest in your home!
posted on April 23, 2012