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Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month!

Keri Finzer, Occupational Therapist, COS-C

In honor of Occupational Therapy Month the HCR OTs wanted to bring more awareness to our often misunderstood profession.

As an Occupational Therapist, I often smile when some of my new patients say to me, “Occupational Therapy? Why Occupational? I don’t need a job!” Sometimes patients are confused when they first hear the name of our profession. They also may not know why their physician has prescribed Occupational Therapy for them. Simply put, Occupational Therapy concentrates on what occupies a patient’s time. OT is designed to restore a patient's ability to perform tasks and rebuild independence allowing them to participate in daily activities, creating ways for them to live a full life no matter what!

Occupational Therapy concentrates on what matters the most to the patient. Occupational Therapists (OT) and OT Assistants focus on patients ‘doing’ whatever activities are meaningful to them. It is our goal to get beyond a patient’s illness or injury by developing solutions for them. These solutions may be adaptations for how to do a task, such as putting on socks without back pain… or making changes to a home, such as adding a shower chair, or helping patients alter their habits or routine because of failing vision. We use everyday activities as the means to enable people to thrive.

OT is a practice deeply-rooted in science and is ‘evidence-based,’ meaning the plan designed for each individual is supported by data, experience, and best practices which have been developed and proven over time.

Occupational Therapy looks at the whole person, including the psychological, physical, emotional, and social, and environmental. OT promotes health and the prevention of injury, illness, or disability (or to help patients live better with their ailments). Again, Occupational Therapy concentrates on what matters the most to the patient – allowing them to participate in daily activities and let them to live life to its fullest!

posted on April 11, 2012