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Social Work Month 2013: Weaving Threads of Resilience and Advocacy -- The Power of Social Work

HCR Social Workers Reflect on 2013's Theme

 Reflecting on the 2013 theme of National Social Work Month, HCR's social workers dicuss the issues that affect them the most and the tools they find are the most helpful in their jobs.  Join us in celebrating the work that HCR's and all social workers do each and every day.

"One of the most important issues for me in the Social Work Field is end-of-life. A NYS MOLST Form, Living Will, or a Health Care Proxy is one of the most important pieces of paper a person can sign so that their wishes are respected at their life's end. A person's end of life should be on his or her own terms and I think that each individual should set those wishes down on paper and appoint a responsible party to see that those wishes are carried out. I see too many family members who think are acting out of their own need, who perhaps can't let go, who keep a loved one alive although it is way beyond the normal scheme of things." ~Kathleen G. Rissew, HCR Social Worker

"The biggest issue for me is the number of uninsured in this country; particularly that of minority groups. There are an estimated 46.6 million people still uninsured in this country. 8.3 million are children and the numbers are disproportionately higher among African Americans, Hispanic, and immigrants to that of Caucasian." ~Robert Jean-Jacques, HCR Social Worker

"In my career as a social worker, I appreciate Eldersource. They are very helpful for our clients to add to the service HCR social workers provide." ~Sandy Smith, HCR Social Worker

"A Social Worker should be aware of community resources, whether it be an agency or contact person that you can contact to run items past as a second eye. It is helpful, very helpful to use your other social work team members as a sounding board and a resource." ~Sam Contreras, HCR Social Worker

"As a social worker, I feel strongly about educating people and giving them the tools and resouces to either help themselves or be able to participate in their care. I work hard to bring out people's strengths and the positives of their situation." ~Allison Fennell, HCR Social Worker

"Marian’s House is a contemporary home in a residential neighborhood that offers a retreat for those with memory impairment, and much needed respite for their caregivers. This day retreat is for people with early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s and other related dementias, offering meals, activities, supervision and specialized programming in a warm, residential setting. The house is specially designed for both one-on-one interaction and group activities. Respite is also available on weekends." ~Carolyn A. Maxim, LMSW

posted on March 19, 2013