New York State's Home Care Solution

HCR is committed to leveraging innovative technology to reinforce our commitment to providing the best, most efficient care to our patients. The investments made in our technology infrastructure bolsters HCR’s ability to securely and accurately document and communicate critical patient data, while providing intelligence that can be used to improve outcomes.

Electronic Medical Records - EMR

HCR has adopted best-in-class software and hardware solutions to not only maintain Electronic Medical Records (EMR) but put the information to the best use. HCR’s EMR is an innovative HIPAA compliant software services platform. In contrast to traditional Home Health EMR systems, HCR extends point-of-care to mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, providing a solution that is efficient and usefull in all of our branches. Behind the scenes HCR meshes all of the clinical and business data collected into a data warehouse that can provide excellent business intelligence and reporting capabilities.

Physicians Portal 

HCR has implemented a Physicians Portal (Provider Link) that gives physicians and staff secure online access to real-time infromation about the patients they've referred to HCR Home Care.Through Provider Link physicians can review home care orders, view patient information and communicate directly with HCR about patient care. Provider Link is secure, confidential and HIPAA compliant. 

Advanced Documentation Tools

Our technology features hundreds of clinical validations on key clinical documentation items to ensure that physical assessments are completed as accurately and consistently. Clinical pathways are customized for each and every situation and produce goals and interventions that have been clinically validated. As clinicians progress through the plan of care, measurable progress is tracked and monitored both at the point of care and in back-office clinical management support. Leveraging industry data, field assessments are analyzed on the fly to ensure that the correct plan of care and visit frequencies are ordered, based on calculated functional levels. Our workflow enforces a 100 percent review of field assessments, providing clinical managers the ability to analyze the data efficiently and ensure that the plan of care is appropriately established and carried out according to agency standards.

Health Information Exchange - HIE

HCR is committed to participating in community based health information exchanges. Our staff is able to access the Virtual Health Records (VHR) to gather information from a variety of sources. HCR has successfully completed an integration project with the Roshester RHIO, allowing data to flow between the two systems.


HCR has been using telemonitors since 2007. Our goals for home telemonitoring are

  • Decrease avoidable hospitalizations and emergency room visits
  • Improve patient outcomes such as medication management
  • Decrease visit utilization thus decreasing the cost of care
  • Improve patient satisfaction

Home telemonitoring allows a patient to monitor daily (or more often) for changes in status as well as assist the patient in learning self management of his/her disease process. It can be used on any patient who may benefit from monitoring, however has been largely used on patients with heart failure. Home telemonitors collect data such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, weight, and blood glucose. It also asks the patient health or disease related questions and can provide evidence based teaching to the patient. After the patient uses the monitor, the patient information is transmitted to a secure website. HCR uses a centralized monitoring system whereby the results are monitored by an in-office RN seven days per week.

Our monitors work via cell phone or a land line telephone. The monitors can also be programmed in English, Spanish, or over five other languages. There is no cost to the patient when HCR provides a monitor. Telehealth reports with patient specific data can be faxed to the physician regularly and/or based on the physician’s preference.

Customer Corner

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